Do I need to buy anything to enter?

Yes. During the Offer Period, you must purchase selected Michelin Passenger or Light Truck tyres from a participating store. KEEP your receipt (proof of purchase) it may be required to validate your entry.

How much Cash Back can will I receive?

An approved Qualifying Purchase will receive a $50 or $100 reward depending on the tyre purchase

$50 Cash Back
Agilis (+)Full Range$50
Energy Saver (+)Full Range$50
Energy XM2Full Range$50
Energy XM2+Full Range$50
Pilot Sport 316" and below$50
Pilot Sport 416" and below$50
Pilot Sport 4 ST16" and below$50
Primacy 316" and below$50
Primacy 3 ST16" and below$50
Primacy 416" and below$50
Primacy 4 ST16" and below$50
Primacy HP16" and below$50
Primacy LC16" and below$50
$100 Cash Back
LATITUDE SPORT (3)Full Range$100
LATITUDE TOUR (HP)Full Range$100
LTX A-T (2) Full Range$100
LTX ForceFull Range$100
Pilot Sport 317" and above$100
Pilot Sport 417" and above$100
Pilot Sport 4 SFull Range$100
Pilot Sport 4 ST17" and above$100
Pilot Sport 4 SUVFull Range$100
Pilot Sport Cup 2Full Range$100
Pilot Sport Cup 2RFull Range$100
Pilot Sport PS2 Full Range $100
Pilot Super Sport Full Range $100
Primacy 3 17" and above $100
Primacy 3 ST 17" and above $100
Primacy 4 17" and above $100
Primacy 4 ST17" and above $100
Primacy HP 17" and above $100
Primacy LC 17" and above $100
Primacy SUV Full Range $100

When can I make a claim?

Claims can be made for eligible purchased between 1 June 2020 and 31 July 2020. All Claims must be received by 11:59PM AEST on 30 August 2020.

How do I claim my money back?

Visit, complete and submit the online entry form, with the details of your purchase as required and providing all other requested information. Follow prompts and upload a valid receipt (POP – Proof of Purchase). Choose from the dropdown menu which retailer you purchased this product from. If the store you purchased this product from is not on the list, please select ‘other’.

What Proof of Purchase do I need to provide?

FOR ALL CLAIMS, retain copies of receipts for the Qualifying Purchase (which clearly shows the retailer's name, location, date and product(s) purchased) as proof of purchase. A receipt showing a Qualifying Purchase can only be used to make 1 entry, regardless of how many Qualifying Purchases are shown on that receipt.

What are likely reasons for declining a claim?

  • Receipt is illegible of incomplete
  • Re-used receipt
  • Outside the purchase period 1 June 2020 and 31 July 2020
  • No participating product on invoice
  • Purchase was for a Fleet, Trade or Wholesaler

How and when will I receive my money back?

Delivery of your money back may take ten (10) business days of approved email confirmation.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can find the terms and conditions here.

How many times can I claim a Cash Back?

A strict limit of one (1) redemption per Qualifying Transaction/invoice per vehicle, regardless of whether the number of eligible tyres purchased in that transaction is more than four (4) Michelin passenger, SUV or light truck tyres.

Note: Fleet, trade and wholesale purchases are excluded and will not qualify for entry in this promotion.

I didn’t receive an email confirming my claim?

Please make sure you check your spam and junk email folders if you have not received an email in your inbox. Depending on your email applications settings, this may have been blocked. If approved, you will also receive an SMS message. If in doubt Contact Us using the same email you used to submit your claim.

I have a problem activating claim who should I contact?

The Prepaid Eftpos cards must be activated online at if you are having trouble with online activation please phone the card helpline 1800 446 347.